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Removing Pet Odors From CarpetI dislike it when I come in a house and pet odor greets my fussy nose. You may not smell it because you are already used to it but your guests can, believe me! If you do not want your pet to spend lonely nights outside your house then you better learn how you can remove pet odor. Given that dogs and cats spend a whole lot of time laying and rolling on the floor, their body odors pervade into the fibers and that is exactly where the whole problem begins. Not to mention the smell of pet accidents!

Regarding pet accidents, obviously the very first thing which you have to do is to handle it promptly. If your pet has urinated on the carpet, pat the area dry as quickly as you are able to. The quicker the urine is removed, the less harm it will produce for your carpet. Pile on paper towels then stand on them for approximately a minute or so, be sure to get as much off the carpet as possible.

If you have a carpet cleaner or stain removal liquid go ahead and use that to eliminate discoloration. Cleaning supplies that are intended for pet odor removal are suggested for this job since they’ll have less of a chemical smell like ammonia. Ammonia plus urine doesn’t smell very good I am telling you! Also, the odor of ammonia will keep attracting your pet to keep using the same spot.

What about solid waste? Just picking up the solid waste and swiping at the stain is not enough. Give the soiled location a good cleaning. Vinegar works wonderful for this task, it also functions as a deodorizer because of its odor eliminating and anti-bacterial properties. You can also use a mild dish soap to remove the stain and freshen up the region. When you are done taking out the stain entirely, rinse it by blotting using a damp white rag or paper towel.

For thorough cleaning, you may use a wet vacuum or Bissel. These special vacuums function like conventional ones except they use clean water to eliminate the stains after which the dirty water is sucked back up into a reserve bucket.

Finally, use a neutralizing or pet odor eliminating spray to keep things fresh in between vacuuming or cleaning. You could also try sprinkling pet odor carpet powder prior to vacuuming to remove unwanted odors. I’ve tried it and the carpet is truly odor-free within minutes!

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