Daryl is the best carpet cleaner I have ever used! He has taken care of our store, rental properties and home. Stains I thought would never come out … were gone. White fabric kitchen chairs I thought were ruined with three kids (and all their friends) dropping anything from spaghetti sauce to chocolate milk and sticky fingers and dirt … were saved and as good as new. The best testament to his care was our rental property we had just purchased. We thought we were going to need most of the carpet replaced! I had multiple quotes for replacement, swatches and even an appointment time. Darryl said, “Let me try to clean it first.” I had no idea it was possible to clean the carpets to the point I didn’t have to replace ANY carpet! He saved me at least $3000 in carpet replacement. He takes his time, he is certified and well trained to figure out how to get out different kinds of stains. He makes sure your furniture is properly handled to avoid damage such as raising couches and moving them to clean underneath. Also uses special covers to protect your walls and doorways from all the equipment tubes (something I had never seen before). Reasonably priced and worth every penny! Great guy! I would keep Darryl on speed dial if I were you!! =)