Canton Carpet Cleaners is the BEST! When I moved out of my apartment, my beige carpet was DIRTY! Foot traffic and hairballs dont mix! When I called Darry he was great he assured me he can get it out! Now ok, I was thinkin are you gonna charge me $$, because trust me the carpet was so dirty! When he came over he was awesome, very professional. I explained to him just what rooms I wanted him to clean. He even cleaned a small room that really didnt need it, but he insisted!
Well LORD behold when I returned, the carpet thru out the apartment is BEAUTIFUL!! He is very nice and not honest! He charged me $87 for the whole apartment!
As for aquiring his services again, YOU BET CHA! he is truly an awesome One Man Show!
I have a new home now, and also have Canton Carpet Cleaners in my phone book! 🙂