I’ve lived in Canton for over 7 years and each year we get our carpet cleaned by whoever has the best price or coupon from the ValPack. This year, we went with Canton Carpet Cleaners and it was by far the best carpet cleaner we’ve used. Pros: Protects baseboard corners with orange rubber/plastic protectors. Nobody else we’ve used has done that. Daryl came with his son who vacuumed before cleaning the carpet. Nobody else has vacuumed before they cleaned, so that was an unexpected nice touch. We have off-white carpet, and he got it the cleanest out of anybody we’ve ever used. He was also able to get some stains that have been there for years out which other companies couldn’t. He even asked if we thought it was coffee, baby formula, etc…, to help give him an idea of what to use. Him and his son picked up a few pieces of furniture and pushed them out of the way to clean underneath them, and then put them back on foam blocks in the original location. Cons: None Neutral: Price. He’s not the lowest, but not the most expensive either. Price is average for the area. Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone in the Canton area. Daryl is by far the best carpet cleaner we’ve used.