I have two dogs and I’ve done all of my own carpet cleaning in the past. Anyone with dogs knows that you HAVE to clean your carpets at least once a year. I’ve rented the equipment from Lowes and Home Depot, as well as borrowed others cleaners.
With time not being on my side, I reluctantly decided to reach out to professionals. I’ve always heard that you’re always better off doing it on your own.
I came across Canton Carpet Cleaners and called to get a quote. The quote itself amazed me, I was expecting much more than that. I spoke with the man that would actually be doing the carpet cleaning and didn’t have to go through a series of menus and/or prompts. With the price, being very comparable to renting and doing it myself, I expected the same result (which is not great but good enough).
They came and went within 2 hours, probably less. I was AMAZED!!!!!!! My carpet looked and smelled brand new again! There were absolutely no stains and the two men that cleaned the carpets were extremely friendly and professional. I could not be happier with the results! I felt as though I did not pay ENOUGH for the perfect result that I unexpectedly received.
My dogs had an accident within a week of getting it done. I called once again and they came right out to clean the mess, having the same amazing result!

I cannot even rate these men as they are off the charts!! With 5 being the best, I put them at a 10!
I would recommend this company, without hesitation, to anyone looking for the best carpet cleaning company out there!!
Thanks again for your amazing work and professionalism!