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Upholstery CleaningWhen it comes to upholstery cleaning, or any cleaning for that matter, there are 4 key factors you have to account for … temperature, agitation, chemical, and time … ot T.A.C.T.

Temperature is the most dynamic of all I think. It is a scientific fact that cleaning solutions (soap and water for example) work at 100 percent using a temperature of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Any colder requires more of the three remaining ingredients in variation: agitation, chemical and time. But increasing the temperature just 18 degrees Fahrenheit you have just DOUBLED the power of the same cleaning process. That means at 136 degrees Fahrenheit, you have cut in half the remaining three ingredients: agitation, chemical and time.

Agitation is the next ingredient and the one most of us dislike the most. You know it as scrubbing, scouring, scraping, etcetera. If you have fewer ingredients of temperature and chemical, you can be assured that agitation and time will be the larger factors. If you perform agitation incorrectly, your biggest factor then becomes time.

Chemical is another dynamic ingredient. There are several upholstery cleaning chemicals on the market for multitudes of different cleaning tasks. Among them are different classifications such as natural and organic as opposed to synthetic.

There are also considerations of pH (pHydrion Value) factors. They determine the level of alkalinity or acidic values where water alone is considered neutral.

They can also be categorized by an electrical component. These being Cationic (Positive charged ions), Anionic (Negatively charged ions) and nonionic (neutral or no electrically charged ions).

The last ingredient is time. The goal in any cleaning task is to minimize time performing it. If you understand the proper use of temperature, agitation techniques and chemicals for a given upholstery cleaning task, then you will clean safely and effectively in a minimum amount of time. The cleaning job will be like a breeze. However, if you violate any one of the three main ingredients then you will be served a huge slice of the fourth key ingredient known as ‘time pie.’

So in closing, you can now appreciate the true genius your Mother was in getting you to wash up for dinner. She did not need to understand why it works; only that it does work.

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